Bi-eau énergie

Automotive professionals

Automotive professionals

Automotive professionals,"The capacity and performance of our Bi-Eau Energie hydrogen generator are perfectly adapted and sized for the in-depth cleaning of engines. This new-generation treatment is particularly effective, with spectacular results, and can restore performance levels close to those of the original engine, even when the engine is completely clogged with carbon deposits (residue resulting from poor fuel combustion).


Descaling will make it easier to pass the MOT (roadworthiness test) in terms of pollution and will reduce consumption, increase torque (acceleration) and extend the life of the vehicle while avoiding expensive repairs (EGR valve, valve, turbo, particulate filter).


The volume of hydrogen produced will allow you to descale from 1 to 3 vehicles simultaneously.


Hydrogen descaling is an efficient and non-aggressive process. No chemical or corrosive products are introduced into the engine since our Bi-Eau Energie generator works with demineralised water. The deposits will then be dissolved in the engine and will drain away naturally.