Bi-eau énergie

Présentation de la société

Since its creation in 1988, K-Factory has never stopped inventingdesigning and manufacturing laboratory equipment to replace gas burners that no longer meet current safety standards. We comply with the stringent gestural protocols specific to each profession when designing each of our devices, ensuring they can be used safely.

Our latest research into ecology and environmental control has resulted in the development of a new range of hydrogen-powered devices. We can now offer Bi-Eau Energie, a versatile device for the following professionals :


    Carrying out all types of brazing, soldering and heating work in boiler making, jewellery and glass work.


    Using the flame produced, particularly suitable for various laboratories.


    Descaling of all types of engines in order to comply with the new automobile pollution standards.



Switching to hydrogen technology produces a clean fuel that does not emit CO2 and will eliminate the need to store or distribute dangerous gases. You will thus limit your impact on the environment.

Guaranteeing you the best :


We offer our full range of products at a competitive price thanks to a large production volume and a national and European distribution.


Our assembly workshop, located on our site in Normandy, blends experience, method and French know-how. All the components of our generator are guaranteed "Made in France".

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