Bi-eau énergie

Welding torch

Welding torch

The Bi-Eau Energie welding torch provides an all-in-one solution for professionals working in all types of metal assembly: welding, brazing, sheet metal working, boiler making, glass working and jewellery making.


The hydrogen flame reaches very high temperatures, burning at more than 3000°C, which ensures fast brazing. It does not emit CO2. A real clean alternative to flames produced by a more toxic fossil fuel. There is no risk of workers being poisoned.


Running on demineralised water, no combustion is generated which, in turn, keeps your rooms clean. The flame produced is particularly suited to the needs of professionals using it in their daily applications. 


The device allows the simultaneous use of 3 torches for 3 people. Depending on your welding or brazing needs, you can use 1, 2 or 3 torches.


The compact and mobile design of the Bi-Eau Energie welding torch makes it easy to install and move around. Its ease of use means you never have to waste time with too many adjustments: just plug it in, check the water level, and get ready to work.