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Bi-eau énergie hydrogen generator

Designed for ease of use, the four flow rate settings of this unit allow for on-demand hydrogen production


Depending on the setting chosen, the hydrogen produced by this generator can flow from 200 to 1200 litres per hour.

It is 100% Made in France.

Hydrogen Generator Bi-eau énergie in Mondeville, France

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Bi-eau énergie

Since its creation, K-Factory has never stopped inventing and manufacturing laboratory equipment to replace gas burners.


Stringent gesture protocols specific to each profession have been developed for each of our devices, making them safe to use.

Through our research into ecology and environmental control we have developed a new range of hydrogen-powered appliances. We now offer Bi-Eau Energie, a versatile device for:


  • Plumbing and metalworking professionals
  • Laboratory professionals
  • Automotive professionals
Bi-eau énergie

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Hydrogen Generator Bi-eau énergie in Mondeville, France